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One-on-One Customized Online Training


I'm here to help you attain all your goals along your fitness journey.

The premise behind the 4 week 1-on-1 Online Training Program is to motivate clients to attain the vision they have in store for themselves in regards to health and physical fitness.  In addition to a detail nutrition & training plan, the accountability factor provided for my clientele will be key to success.

Clients that adhere to the specially designed fitness program will build an inner strength and confidence that will show beyond the gym or workout environment.  Both physically and mentally, clients gain an edge over life’s obstacles and develop the ability to meet challenges head on.


Customized one-on-one training includes

Weekly Personalized Training Plan

Customized Nutrition Programming

Goal Structure & Achievement Strategy

Open Email Communication

Form Breakdown on Exercises

Accountability and Motivation



$225 per 4-week plan

+$100 for Weekly 20 Minute Video Calls

+$150 for Weekly Video Calls + 1 LIVE 30 Minute Workout via Zoom or FaceTime


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