7 Teacher Fitness Tips to Get Your Your Body Right


Before you can start your ideal training regimen for before, during, and after the school year, you need to understand what that means and looks like for you despite the BUSY schedule. One of the most common fitness mistakes people make is not narrowing down specific goals and falling into the dreaded trap of trying to do too much.

In order to avoid that dreaded trap, you need to work hard but also work SMART as well. Here are seven fitness tips to keep in mind as teachers to help accommodate our busy and CRAZY lifestyle and help us stay on track throughout ALL seasons of the school year.


1. Mindset

When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, your mindset is the ultimate determinant of your success. As teachers, we have the opportunity to help shape the minds of our students but we also need to shape our minds as well when we approach training, nutrition, and overall wellness. Wherever the mind goes, the body has no choice but to follow. Physical results only follow mental training, so when you get your mindset locked down, you’re well on your way to success.  

2. Diet

First, DIET is a HORRIBLE word. Diets don’t work. The term speaks of restriction and deprivation from all your FAVORITE foods in order to attain the “perfect” body. WRONG!!! You have to change your mindset,  prepare healthy food, and build in those “favorites” you LOVE to eat. In advance and make it part of your daily routine. Without this concept strategically in place, nothing you do in the gym will come full circle in order for you to achieve the RESULTS you want to attain.


3. Set Boundaries

You can’t work ALL day, grade papers ALL night, and get up EARLY to plan. You have to sleep. As teachers, the burnout and exhaustion is REAL!! You may not want to hear this but that’s a TIME MANAGEMENT issue that you need to get under control. You have to set boundaries like NO school work after 6-7pm. Heck, I know a few teachers who don’t check school emails, answer school related messages, or take ANY school work home after the bell rings. However, they put a plan in place of grading papers during lunch breaks, responding to messages during planning periods, and making the most of their time while at school during those “small windows” of opportunity. Whatever works for you. If you have to spend the money to buy your lessons so you don’t have to waste your time making them and what not….YOU TIME is far more valuable than the dollars you spend purchasing them.


4. Accountability

It’s vital to find an accountability partner(s) when trying to stay on track on ANY new venture or staying the course of attaining a GOAL. Find a workout buddy. The task of finding an accountability partner can be as easy as a co-worker at school, at the gym. virtually, or joining a group of like minded individuals (I’ll touch on that a little later).  Doesn’t matter. Find an accountability partner. You will be surprised at the amount of teachers in your building that truly want to change their fitness and health but don’t know where to start or have a friend to be their accountability partner. You are NOT alone. Reach out to someone like YOU!


5. Strength Training & Conditioning

Now for the weights. You need to reprogram your mind to know the first week or two of training  absolutely STINK. You’ll be more sore than you’ve ever been in your whole entire life (even after a long day of teaching). You will want to crawl under your desk at school in the fetal position with the classroom door shut and lights completely off (I feel that way workout or not sometimes) That’s ok. It’s supposed to hurt. That goes away if you stick to it. Every time you stop and start a program you will get sore all over again. Stick with it.

When it comes to achieving your goals, the manner in which you train is just as important as the frequency of your workouts. Sure, you can go to the train before or after school and haphazardly go through the motions, but how much progress will you see? For most people, the answer is not much. Why? Because you’re not tapping into the incredible power of your MINDSET

In order to really see results from your workouts, training with PURPOSE is key. Train with intention so that your mental focus must be zeroed in on the task at hand. Conscious, deliberate movement allows you to develop a strong mind-muscle connection that solidifies proper technique. You must know why you’re performing each movement, which muscles you’re targeting, and how your muscles respond to each repetition. Because you’re paying attention, you feel constant feedback from your body and can adjust your movements accordingly.

When you train with intention, you solidify your “why” behind each workout. You take ownership of your movements because you know exactly what you’re doing and what those actions are meant to achieve. When you train your mind to control your body, that’s when you’ll see the most profound results.


6. Join an Online Fitness Membership

Here we will hold you accountable and give you almost EVERYTHING above! You’ll get nutrition and meal prep ideas, fitness program, professional and certified coaching, and keep you on track LONG TERM! Joining an online membership  is one of the best investments you’ll ever make because you are investing in yourself. When you take care of your physical and mental health, you look better and feel better – and that’s only the beginning.


Many times, exercise helps relieve that ache in your back or neck that’s been causing you daily pain. It gives you a mood and energy boost from endorphins. It can even help you build the confidence to chase your goals and  dreams. Let me help you attain  a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. When you join this PLATFORM, you’re not only making the commitment to change your life, but you are bringing someone into your life who will be cheering you on every step of the way.


7. Don’t Give Up!

Make this LIFESTYLE a  habit. When you train consistently along with the proper nutrition and supplementation, you have more energy, work harder and longer if needed. You can keep up with your students and feel more confident. Life in general is just much easier to go through when you are fit. Your body won’t hate you. You will glow!

The objective of the TeacherFIT Platform is to show you, and the communities of educators we are a part of, that WE have the power to live the life you seek. Through LIVE individualized or group training sessions, customized programs, nutrition consults, and professional guidance, we are building a community of people who work together, help one another, and push each other to reach higher to attain our GOALS and live out this teacher LIFESTYLE with CONFIDENCE!

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