Louie vs You-ee: The Red Bottom Tragedy


LOUIE or YOU-ee 

Really think about what I am about to tell you! Isn't it amazing how most people will spend $1,000 on a pair of Louboutin shoes, a Louis Vuitton bag, or some other materialistic item that benefits them in no way other than to show that they have it. 


The same exact person will refuse to spend $1,000 on a personal trainer or other forms of self care because they say "I can't afford that."

Now think really reflect on that...

For $1,000 would it be better to have someone that holds you accountable and gives you the tools to be healthy, happy, and in the best shape of your life or have a new purse?

I got news for you. Someone who looks and feels great in their skin, mind, body, and spirit is FAR more noticeable in a crowd than someone wearing a pair of expensive shoes. 

If you feel healthy, happy, and are in great shape you can wear anything you want and rock it! 

It’s easy to get caught up in the monotony, commercialism, or “hype” when it comes to materialism. We often invest more time and effort in the name brands we wear rather than our own name. Status and “the latest '' is at the forefront of how we at times try to “keep up” with the new trends or what seems to be popular. Health and wellness, if not balanced properly, can easily fall into this category as well.     

Self-investment in regards to health and wellness may look differently for everyone. A paced, long term, and more thoughtful approach may grant you incremental returns such as increased energy during your day, something to look forward to, or lower stress levels. Awareness of the positive impact of your actions will encourage you to continue to find ways to invest in yourself consistently beyond training.


Process the PROCESS:

Like any investment, time is of the essence. However, effort is just as important when we focus on the process of investing in our health and wellness. While the benefits of exercise focuses on maintaining or altering one’s physical appearance, exercise is beneficial in other ways as well.

Exercise, along with a balanced nutritional approach, helps you “reset” by giving you a blank-slate feeling and that leaves you refreshed. Frequent, moderate-intensity exercise (3 to 5 times a week) can also offer protection against chronic illness, releases stress, and creates a positive mood. Of course, not everyone enjoys a sweaty run outdoors or lifting weights. But, taking a casual walk or making some time for daily stretches can be helpful as well.

It’s vital that there’s a clear understanding that results and changes will NOT happen overnight.  The process of planning, patience, and preparation week to week are the key factors that will set the stage for success in the journey of investing in YOU!


Investing in health and wellness or even adopting a new skill set can have a big payoff later. Many new skills can be learned without going back to school. The key is adjusting week to week while keeping it SIMPLE.

Here are few things to consider to help set yourself up for success and inspire you weekly to stay the course:

  • Lay out your exercise clothes the night before.
  • Add NEW music to your playlist every week.
  • Listen to audiobooks and podcasts on topics that interest you.
  •  Meal prep week and/or try a new recipe.
  • Schedule a massage for physical and mental “reset.”  

Remember, investing in a good accountability partner is vital to your success. They will be someone who will be non-judge mental yet grounded in a balanced approach when it comes to both training as well as nutrition.

Have FUN: FIND your SPARK   

The goal of investing in yourself isn't to eliminate every modern convenience or pleasure but rather FINDING your SPARK.  Pursuing a simpler life can help you feel more satisfied, inspired, and grateful.

Learning how to invest in yourself starts with believing that you deserve it. Whether you like to draw, paint, write, or play music, give yourself the time and permission to do so while gaining renewed energy that steers away from monotony and creates a more meaningful balanced approach when it comes to investing in your health and wellness. 

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