Five Reasons You Should Be Listening to Music During Your Workouts


5 Reasons You Should Be Listening to Music During Your Workouts

I think most of us have such a hard time working out in silence. I do. Everything hurts more. The workout feels longer. And every rep feels just a little bit harder. Music gives me drive. It motivates me. And outside the gym, music calms me.

And while I’m here to instruct and guide you, music can provide you several things that I cannot.


1. Music Gives Us An Emotional Connection To Our Workouts.

Everyone has their favorite songs. Songs for every mood and every situation. Lyrics, especially, might hold personal significance. Songs that bear meaning and evoke a positive emotional response help us to enjoy the workout much more than when we workout with no music or tracks that we don’t generally respond to.

And it’s important you find the music that is right for you. You may like some of the songs I use when I work out, but others might completely turn you off from the workout.


2. Music Changes The Atmosphere.

In general, music has a real, significant effect on our mood and mindset. On top of that, we tend to begin associate certain sounds and songs with the things we’re doing when we hear them. Whatever songs you pick for your workout playlist, the more you work out and play those songs during your workout, the more those songs will become synonymous with your workouts. So when you’re having a bad day, throw on your fitness tracks a little before you hit the gym so you can start getting into the right headspace for your regimen.

If you can, dedicate the songs you use to your workout. Songs that may already be associated with other moods and feelings might not give you the effect you’re looking for. Don’t be playing your wedding song during your 4-week ab cycle. Unless that’s your thing.


3. Music Provides Motivation and Drive

Music is proven to enhance our performance during workouts, particularly when just starting out. To some extent, it distracts us from the pain associated with working out, and can even delay the fatigue we feel during our routines.

This can help you push yourself a little further to get even better results.


4. Music Gives Us Familiarity

When you make a customized playlist, you’ll start recognizing how long songs are. This gives you a better idea of just how short sixty seconds is. Focus on that favorite song, and all of a sudden those dreaded squats feel much more manageable.

You can do this with the whole workout, too. Play the songs through in the same order; maybe even create different playlists for different days’ workouts. And after a while every one of them will begin feeling smaller and easier to get through. You’ll roughly know when each set starts and ends and how long they last, like little checkpoints.


5. Music Helps Us Cope

This is true inside and outside the gym. Music itself can be a type of therapy, helping you deal with stress and anxiety. During your cool down and stretching, it can be good to throw on a calmer set of tracks that help you slow down and focus in on the moment.

It’s important you take care of yourself before, during, and after your fitness routine. If you find your music is too distracting or makes you feel unsettled, change it up. It’s good to experiment to see what works best for you.



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