The Difference Maker: Accountability


Accountability is an essential part of creating, implementing and maintaining a consistent training routine. It’s inspiring, beneficial, and helpful to have someone check-in with you to not only celebrate both your progress and “wins’’ but also communicate and process the “roadblocks” of life from past to present that may at times affect your overall physical and mental health.

Sharing the outline of your training regimen, getting assistance with creating realistic goals, and taking the time to assess your progress in a thoughtful, non judgmental, and motivational way is a sure sign that having accountability creates a “stepping stone” for success in the long run.   

Here are some benefits of adding accountability to a holistic view of a healthy lifestyle.

Perspective: Understanding the Vision  

Understanding the perspective and vision of someone trying to reach a goal, especially in regards to fitness and nutrition, is very important. Communication is key but listening more importantly brings everyone and everything full circle in the end.   It helps to work with someone who has similar goals, ambitions, and aspirations so you can hold each other accountable to not only communicate with words but also consistent action in attainment of those established goals.

Fuel: Nutrition & Preparation

"Accountability for nutrition and healthy eating usually revolves around sticking to a consistent meal plan, choosing healthy options at work or the grocery store, meal prep, and making healthier choices when eating out at times when life gets hectic during the week."

Once again, it’s ideal to have someone you share health goals with as an accountability partner. For example, if you’d like to stick to consistent meal prep on Sundays, you can partner up with your accountability partner who is trying to do the same. You can help each other develop a strong shopping list, stay accountable to going to the store, and share recipes.

A good accountability partner will be someone who will be non-judgemental yet grounded in a balanced approach when it comes to both training as well as nutrition.

The Goal: Long Term Consistency

When it comes to personal goals, training, and/or nutrition, a long term approach is necessary.  An accountability partner can help you stay on track in learning new methods, skills, and strategies through setting up consistent check-ins to both monitor progress, roadblocks, and potential setbacks. Reaching and attaining goals may seem intimidating and frustrating at times, but accountability can help keep you inspired through each step, no matter how minute it may seem.

Long term is the overall goal when it comes to establishing accountability.  As long as you reach out to a trustworthy individual, show them your plan, and ask them to hold you accountable, you can leverage the power of accountability for almost any goal.

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